Saturday, May 14, 2011

cannes day 1

CANNES, GO! I'm going to be helping coordinate the afterparty for the amfAR Cinema Against Aids event at the Cannes Film Festival. I landed in Nice a few hours ago, and right now I'm in our office at the Hotel de Paris getting the scoop on the event and enjoying our super Frenchy snack attack table. It's a rare, uber rainy afternoon, but predicts sunshine for the rest of my time here. It also claims that it's partially cloudy right now with a 20% chance of rain...

As you know if you're reading this, I've decided to start a little blog to document my last summer of freedom before becoming a bona fide businesswoman. Some of you may remember Rives' and my Search for the Magical Frijoles last Spring. This blog will be VERY different. Sike... it'll probably be pretty similar.

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