Friday, June 24, 2011

once upon a time in london

Hi Folks. Just got back from two days at Sipi falls in Eastern Uganda. Pictures coming soon! In the meantime, let's backtrack. I've been meaning to post some photos from my fun four days in London in June. Hilights included an afterhours tour of the Tate Britain, birthday dinner with my sisters, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Nick, a hilarious stand-up/dance show, and catching up with my great friend Alex Henson. Lowlight: accidently sending a pigeon to its death at Borough Market. The details are too painful to mention here. Ask me about it. Actually, don't.

Out late @ Tate.

VIP access, nbd.

An afternoon cocktail at Mary and Nick's.

Herring soufflé. Aunt Mary takes "every day gourmet" to the next level.

Neil's Yard Cheese Shop. Heaven on earth.

Funky Friendly Society Bar, Soho, London.

Fancy drinks w/ Alex and Stephanie

High-energy birthday celebration.

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